Auto Mapping tells ResinFiles to link a Salesforce Record to a Google Drive folder when certain conditions are met.

Example use cases:

  • When I load a my Salesforce Account “Dickenson Plc” I want ResinFiles to find the “Accounts / Dickenson Plc” folder and show me it straight away.

What folder structure do I need?

We advise on a folder structure like this, but we can fit it with your requirements:


    My Drive/
                Dickenson Plc
                ( << Folder would be created here for Accounts >>)
                SwiftMove Pty

How does this work?

  1. Salesforce loads up the Canvas App.
  2. Using VisualForce it injects the Record Name into a JSON payload sent within a Signed Request down to ResinFiles
  3. ResinFiles looks at the Record Name and checks to see if a folder with the same name exists in Google Drive
    • If the folder exists then we show it to you straight away
    • If the folder does not exist then:
      • If you have enabled Folder Creation then we will try to make the create the folder if it does not exist
      • We will show you the root of your Google Drive


  1. Load up the “Dickenson Plc” Account in Salesforce
  2. Navigate to the “Accounts” folder in ResinFiles
  3. Click “Settings” > “Configure Folder” in the top right hand corner
  4. Tick the “Folder is not mapped” button
  5. Reload the browser window. “Dickenson Plc” will be loaded up automatically by ResinFiles