Template Folders

What: When a new Record is created, copy the contents of a folder to this new Record

Why: If you have lots of standard files which need to be present for certain Record types this will save you time copying them over.

Who: Your Salesforce Administrator can set these up for you

An example

We are a Property Management company, each Account is one of our clients who have many properties.

Each Account should have a few folders and files created automatically when they’re added to Salesforce.

  • In this example we have named the Template Folder _Template_ and have located it in the accounts folder.
  • The Template Folder can be called anything and be located anywhere the user has permission to

Here are the files which the Property Management company need.

In order to set link a Template folder to a Record type try the following steps.

  1. Enable AutoMapping, just like normal
  2. Create a Template folder
  3. In ResinFiles open up the “System Configuration”
  4. Choose the AutoMappings from the Menu
  5. Click “Change Template Folder” on the Record Type you which to enable template folders for. Navigate down to the folder you wish to become the Template Folder, _Template_ in this case and click “Make Template Folder”.
  6. The AutoMapping will update itself and show you the green message.
  7. Go back to Salesforce and Add a new Account
  8. ResinFiles will pick-up the new Account and after a few seconds you should start to see the files being copied over. Cool eh!