User Management

Per User Google Drive

By default ResinFiles only shows the user the files they are allowed to see, those that are in their Google Drive account. This is exactly what Google Drive does.

Single User defined account

An alternative mode of operation is to let a subset of your users share a single Google Drive account. This is useful when you wish to ensure that the files do not escape into a user’s own Drive account.

Enabling this mode will mean the following:

  • You loose the concept of which user created/deleted/updated files/folders in the account.
  • A “Leader” Google Drive account must be nominated which acts as the account to create new folders, update and delete files. The leaders account will be used to list and search the contents of Google Drive.
  • If you share your own personal Google Drive, or have private and confidential files in your Google Drive then everyone else will be able to view them.
  • We stronly recommend creating a special Google Drive account which has the necessary folders shared into it.
  • You must have accepted the above warnings to enable the mode