Installation Guide

To install ResinFiles you only need access to a Salesforce Organization with necessary permissions to install a Package. You do not need a credit card.

2. Install for All Users

Installing for all users will not activate the ResinFiles integration until you have added the VisualForce page to either your Salesforce Classic or Lightning page layouts

  • Click “Install for All Users”
  • Click “Install”

Install ResinFiles for all users

3. Wait for the Installation to complete

Installation loading screen

4. View the Post-Install instructions

  • Click “Done”

ResinFiles Google Drive Salesforce installation complete

5. Confirm Package Installation

The ResinFiles package should now be installed and visible in your “Installed Packages” list.

Salesforce installed packages table

6. Locate the ResinFiles connected app

  • Navigate to Apps » Connected Apps » Manage Connected Apps
  • Click on the “Edit” next to the ResinFiles entry

Connecting ResinFiles to your app in Salesforce

7. Pre-Authorize OAuth Users

ResinFiles requests OAuth access in order to access your Record names. We only support OAuth which has been preauthorized.

  • Set the “Permitted Users” dropdown in the “OAuth Policies” section to “Admin approved users are pre-authorized”
  • Click “OK” on the popup asking if the “OAuth Policies” can be changed
  • Click Save

Authorize ResinFiles screen

8. Open up the ResinFiles Connected App

  • Go to “Manage Connected Apps”
  • Click on the “ResinFiles” entry.

Connected App

9. Allow your users to load the Canvas App

Now we need to allow users permission to use the VisualForce and Canvas app. We typically assign it out to all “Standard Users” and “System Administrators”, but you may want to assign it to specific groups only.

  • Click on “Manage Profiles”
  • Tick “Standard User” from the list
  • Tick “System Administrator” from the list
  • Tick any other Profiles you need from the list
  • Click Save

Add users to Salesforce Canvas App Add users to Salesforce Canvas App

10. Open the Page Layout

  • Open up an Account, Opportunity or any other Record
  • Click on the Settings Cog
  • Click on Edit Page

Edit page menu

11. Add the VisualForce page to your page layouts

  • Drag “VisualForce” from the left hand menu onto your Page Layout
  • Set the Label to ResinFiles (or whatever you like)
  • Set the VisualForce Page Name to “ResinFilesCanvas”
  • Set the Height to 600 (or more)
  • Click Save

Adding Visualforce page to layouts

12. View your Record

ResinFiles is now installed and configured. If you visit your Record you’ll be able to see the ResinFiles interface.

  • Go “Back” to your Record

ResinFiles installed view

Well done! You have now installed ResinFiles