Installing our Salesforce Managed Package provides VisualForce code which should be created for each Object type

It is possible to use ResinFiles with any Salesforce object. ResinFiles requires no additional configuration to support your custom record types. You must however add custom VisualForce for each kind of Object you wish to support. Each time you will need to attach this custom Visualforce to the Page Layout.

The Code

Note the use of standardController="Account" in the below snippet. To embed ResinFiles in another Record type you will need to change Account to your custom type, i.e. Case, Opportunity, FSRep etc…

You must also specify the Record’s name, in this case it is This gives you the flexibility to pass in any record name to ResinFiles.

<apex:page showHeader="false" standardController="Account">
        parameters="{recordName: '{!JSENCODE(}',
          actualHeight: document.documentElement.clientHeight}"
        scrolling="no" />

Getting the height right

There are 3 things which contribute to the height of ResinFiles:

  1. The height of the Canvas App
  2. The height of the Page Layout
  3. The height of the ResinFiles web app itself.

It is necessary to tell ResinFiles the height of the Canvas App using the actualHeight parameter. The small piece of code actualHeight: document.documentElement.clientHeight allows ResinFiles to get the height of the Page Layout and resize itself accordingly, otherwise you get loads of scrollbars.

If you have 2 scrollbars in Lightning then add 25px to the height of the VisualForce Component in the Page Layout.

Lightning Support

The Salesforce Lightning is supported. We recommend to set the VisualForce page up as a full width component, otherwise you don’t get to see many files on the screen.

Without Salesforce

It is possible to load ResinFiles within any web page, provided you give it context. Instructions will be added here shortly.